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Chris Grant on eBizRadio

Listen to the interview with our CEO, Chris Grant, with Grant Jansen of eBizRadio

eBizRadio writes: As a teenager he loved to fix computers and started earning pocket money from it.  This love of technology and hardware grew from earning pocket money to one of the leading New Media Consultancy Company’s in Africa, with a primary focus on the Radio and Television Broadcasting Industry.

Chris Grant is the founder and CEO of NetDynamix, with over  90 Radio Broadcasters in various parts of Southern & West Africa, Chris and his dedicated team ensures that their clients services are running at all times.We find out more about the young man who turned his dream into a thriving business from early beginnings to the highs and lows of his experiences in the industry, to a public call for an independent body of broadcasters to be formed to try set up an industry “measurement” standard for online broadcasting.

Originally sourced from: http://www.ebizradio.com/work-play-dream-chris-grant-founder-of-netdynamix-bizinlfuencers/

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