Jazler... Your Station's Heartbeat

Since 2007, NetDynamix has been the proud distributor and training provider of Jazler Radio and Television Automation Software to Africa.

Off the back of the success of SimplePack, RadioStar was designed and coded from scratch in order to be to enable long term support and a brand new development Platform. RadioStar is a fully featured Radio Automation Package and was designed with an easy to use and understand interface in order to save you time and make navigating through the software and fulfilling automation tasks that much easier.

Jazler is unique in that one studio license enables you to run an unlimited number of workstations at no additional cost and is well suited to your networked broadcast environment with the ability to easily communicate over VPN for remote administration or for multi-homed stations with various satellite studios.

Some of Jazler's Features include:

  • Completely Redesigned Studio Interface
  • Run it on your LAN or WAN
  • Advert Reporting and Music Compliance Reporting
  • User Access Control and Audit Logging
  • Advanced Automated Rotation Scheduling
  • Automated Rebroadcast from external feeds or streams
  • Network/Simulcast Rebroadcast Synchronization
  • Automatic databases backup & mirroring
  • Built in RDS Encoding
  • Now Playing to Web/Twitter/SMS Functionality
  • Powerful Audio Engine with full DSP Support
  • Advanced Playlist Creation (Manual or Automated)
  • Songs Database with Advanced Song Cards
  • Events Database
  • Jingles/Sweepers Database
  • Voice Tracks Database with Internal Recorder
  • Advanced Spots Programming
  • Direct Audio File Playback
  • Mass songs import with auto-cue to find mix-points
  • QuickEdit Feature In Studio
  • Mass change of categories, properties, file locations
  • Supports external playlisters/commercial schedulers

Ready to make awesome radio with Jazler RadioStar 2?