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Kingfisher FM 103.8 & 107.5

A station said to be the first place the NetDynamix CEO got bitten by the Radio Bug…

This month I wanted to showcase a station closer to my heart than they realise. It was at this community station that I got my first taste of radio, writes NetDynamix CEO, Chris Grant.


Station Manager at Kingfisher FM, Theunis Pienaar submits the following:


Kingfisher FM was started in 1995 as one of the first community radio stations to start broadcasting in South Africa.

For the first decade it ran pretty successfully as a pioneer in this field, being instrumental in the distinction made between community of interest & geographic community radio stations.

In 2007, aware that the industry was changing rapidly, Kingfisher FM embarked on a process of not only re-inventing itself, but also re-inventing the position of community radio in South Africa.

We wanted to create a product that was of exceptional quality, competitive with public & commercial radio, while retaining our rootedness in the community we serve.

Six years down the line, the station considers itself to be a niche-caster, rather than a broadcaster.

We describe our product offering as ‘glocalized’, local with a global awareness.

We are content creators, instead of regurgitators.

Our product is unique, in the sense that it is the only radio product in South Africa recognized as a ‘Family Lifestyle Product’ with an emphasis on information rich content.

Success is a very relative thing. Perhaps our ‘success’ could be that we continuously encourage others to improve their quality & content, by constantly improving our own quality & content. Also, perhaps, in the development of people. On that I attach an article with information from CEO Magazine which can be read below.

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GreenHour recognized by ESKOM, with an etaAward, for the role played in creating awareness about energy efficiency. (2012)

GreenHour recognized by the American Association of Energy Engineers as, globally, the best community awareness project with regards to energy efficiency. (2012)

Recognized by Focus on The Family, with their Africa Broadcast Shield, as best family radio product on the continent. (2012)

Created a new format of programming which integrates traditional broadcasting with Social Media, PodCasts, Blogs & online streaming, enabling a longer shelf-life for content & multiple points of contact with the product.


At the end of 2012 the move took place.

Moved into the creative market space where they are surrounded by innovative creatives offering unique products which complement their unique radio product.
Much more accessible to listeners.

AN ARTICLE FEATURED IN CEO MAGAZINE: Creating Successful Women through Niche-Casting

Developing women is synonymous with Kingfisher FM.

Luthando Shosha (aka LootLove), the SABC presenter who shot to fame overnight, this radio station’s most recent success-story, of a woman developed to such an extent that she can be more than anyone ever imagined.

Another woman, developed by this Family Lifestyle niche-caster & catapulted to success, is Nobelungu Nowapane who went from Kingfisher FM to eTV-news & later to the national radio broadcaster, Umhlobo Wenene.

Then there is Nelisa Kala, who now features on the East Coast FM-line up.

Driving the development & promotion of these talented young women, is another woman: Xandre van der Berg.
Xandre was instrumental in the process of turning this community radio station into a unique radio product, a niche-catser, with an international footprint, offering information rich ‘family-lifestyle’-content to its audience.

‘The product develops & empowers’, she explains. ‘The content, the people, our involvement with charities & CSi-initiatives, development of young musicians through our DYR?-competition – all of it is aimed at affecting people in such a way that they discover they are more & are inspired to realize their hidden potential.’

A graduate of UNISA & the RAU, with training from the Sol Plaaitjies Institute at Rhodes University as well, Xandre’s career has been focussed on making a difference. She has worked with a variety of non-government organizations, but it was in 2007, when she made the move into media, that her creativity & optimism about life burst into a powerful driver of change, innovation & development.

Every day women, like LootLove, have the privilege of working alongside Xandre, being guided & challenged & encouraged. Every year new talent emerges & immensely talented young women get the opportunity to become & reach for their potential.

‘We hold our own future in our hands’, Xandre encourages the team entrusted to her. ‘We can train & develop. We can help women to see beyond the limitations often imposed by culture. We can stretch each other, learning together that we are able to do so much more than we thought, but it is in each women’s deep desire to excel, that you’ll find the seed of success.’

As Operational Manager at Kingfisher FM, Xandre holds the reigns of this very influential niche-caster, always pushing her team to innovate, to embrace new opportunities, to be informed of the latest developments & never be discouraged.

‘There are no small roles or responsibilities,’ Xandre explains, ‘only small players. If you’re passionate & dedicated, willing to work hard from all of your creativity, nothing will prevent you from increasing what has been entrusted to you.’

NetDynamix is proud of the staff and talent at Kingfisher FM and even more so that we are able to call them a client. We look forward to the guaranteed future successes of Theunis, Xandre and the team.

Why not take the time to listen to Kingfisher FM live on the net by clicking here or visit their website at www.kingfisherfm.co.za


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