It's about People

NetDynamix is the result of people. Staff dedicating their time. Clients giving us their trust. The result is successful radio.

It's about Passion

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you” – O. Winfrey
The NetDynamix team eats, sleeps and breaths radio

It's about Persistence

We’ve never given up on our goals and dreams even in the face of doubt and we’re not about to start now

The story of NetDynamix is one of passion, dedication and commitment, intermingled with the typical timeline of any company’s history from humble beginnings to the “awkward teenage phase” to teething problems to pitfalls, growth and success.

I’ve often felt privileged to have access to amazing mentors during the infant stage of NetDynamix who have taken my passion for Broadcast and helped me translate it into usable products and services that we’ve been pioneering throughout the years.

The One Man Band Phase

I find that most of us are afraid of talking about our humble beginnings, we almost seem ashamed of it. I’ll be honest, I felt this way for many years. It’s such a silly notion, we all had to start somewhere right? Besides, it wouldn’t be a complete story unless I started at the beginning.

Like many start-ups, NetDynamix started small, in my home office. I was the Sales Person, The Technician, The Bookkeeper, The Receptionist and just about any other role that a company needed. Our journey began back in 2004 when our first broadcaster came to us looking for better pricing than what was available to the industry at the time and craved innovation to take their on air product to the next level.

It is with fond memory that I think back to the great juggling act that single employee small business has to go through. I recall driving my personal vehicle (the only vehicle that the company had access to) to our first client’s studio one night at 2:00am to fix an issue on their streaming service and being proud that this was our value proposition; what made us different. It’s a value that lives on to this day. A value that every one of our staff believes in and lives day by day.

We were a single employee and single client company for just under a year when growth knocked on my door.

The Growth Period

It makes me laugh, but when speaking to people about our growth, it was HUGE for us to go from one client to two, because when you’ve only got one client and you take on one more, you’ve all of a sudden grown your client base by 100% (that’s HUGE… technically speaking of course :P)

It wasn’t long after we took on our second client that the hard work of building and establishing the NetDynamix brand in the market started to pay off. In the space of one year we went from one client to five. Every year since then the customer base has grown by five to ten clients year on year till 2016 when we found ourselves with over 100 broadcasters on our client list, our team and our offering having matured and grown exponentially.

The Teenage Phase

I’m a father of two beautiful children who have added immense joy to my life who have also shown me that time goes by so quickly. Every time you blink your eyes, they’ve taken a step in their lives or reached a new area of personal growth.

Similarly, NetDynamix still feels like my home business to me. It still feels like yesterday NetDynamix was a one man band and I was running around doing everything when in fact it was more than 10 years back.

in 2014, blinking my eyes brought me to a realisation that NetDynamix had grown up and no longer fit the description of a small business but we certainly weren’t a large “corporate type” organisation either. We were stuck in the middle and we faced some serious “teenage” problems.

It was between then and now that we had to learn some hard lessons, lessons that would carry us on through to the next level.

Where we're going

Early in 2016 we realised that we needed to stop thinking like a small business because it was our single limiting factor. Our experience and thirst for innovation and love for our clients was our driver and we needed to focus on tooling up and opening our minds and freeing ourselves from the bonds of small business mentality.

It is amazing being part of this company and to have such amazing staff and clients to deal with.

We’re a small focused team; we’re able to move with small business agility and deal with big business challenges like David dealt with Goliath; when our clients bring us a challenge we’re able to find the solution by tapping into our team’s many years (over 40 years combined I might add) experience in Broadcasting. Making awesome radio is our driver.

In 2016 we opened up two more branches to supplement the Johannesburg Branch. Cape Town and The Garden Route opened to better service the Northern Cape, Western Cape, Free State and Eastern Cape and we’ve started cementing our brand up into Africa with clients in Namibia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, DRC, Nigeria and Kenya.

Our proximity and understanding of the local market is what sets us apart in delivering better service to our neighbouring countries.

On to the next chapter – join us for the ride…

Respectfully Submitted,

Chris Grant
CEO & Founder
NetDynamix Broadcast Services